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Equipment characteristics of roller extrusion granulator for mixed fertilizer


Blended fertilizer, also known as BB fertilizer, is a chemical fertilizer that contains any two or three of the three nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Blended fertilizer has strong targeting and formula flexibility. Different crops and soil textures can be formulated with targeted fertilizers before application. Reduced the occurrence of nutrient deficiency or excess during the fertilization process.

The shape of mixed fertilizers is mostly granular, and the mixed fertilizer particles are granulated using a pair of roller granulator. The pair of roller granulator is an important equipment for granulating mixed fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and other fertilizers.

Characteristics of the roller extrusion granulator for mixed fertilizer:

1. The roller extrusion granulator can produce fertilizer particles at room temperature without the need for drying.

2. When squeezing and granulating on the roller, the fertilizer is put in from the inlet, and then squeezed by two opposite rotating roller shafts through the ball socket on the roller skin, expelling air and squeezing into granules.

3. The production capacity, particle diameter, and roller ball pressure shape of the roller squeezing granulator can be customized according to customer needs.

The BB fertilizer production line, as a modern solution to improve agricultural efficiency, has advantages such as high-quality fertilizer production, customized production, efficient production processes, and environmental sustainability. Through precise ingredients, mixing, and dissolution processes, efficient nutrient supply can be provided to promote the growth and development of crops. The application prospects of BB fertilizer production line are broad, and it plays an important role in agricultural production, greenhouse planting, and environmentally friendly agriculture. With the development of agricultural modernization, the BB fertilizer production line will play an increasingly important role in agricultural production, contributing to agricultural efficiency and sustainable development.