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Advantages of double axis mixer machine

In the production process of organic fertilizer, we must choose different organic fertilizer production line equipment according to the customer's manufacturing situation.
Today, let's take a look at the advantages of double axis fertilizer mixer machine in organic fertilizer mixers:
The double axis mixer machine is mainly composed of a shell, a screw shaft assembly, a driving device, piping, a cover, a chain cover and other components. The shell is mainly composed of plates and steel sections, welded and formed in a manufacturing plant, and assembled with other components. The shell is tightly sealed, and there will be no rise and leakage of fly ash. Compared with the horizontal mixer machine which uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shafts to add dry water and other powder materials while stirring, so that the dry powder materials can be humidified evenly, so as to prevent the humidified materials from releasing dry ash and seeping water, It is convenient to load and transport the humidified ash or transfer the humidified ash to other conveying equipment. The horizontal mixer machine can obtain sufficient mixing of raw materials, thereby improving the uniformity of mixing, which is suitable for the mixing of raw materials.
double axis mixer machine
Subject to feasibility, the horizontal mixer is not affected by particle size and density. It has a good effect on sticky substances. The stable mixing process reduces the damage to fragile materials, and the flying knife structure also plays a role in breaking. The horizontal structure reduces the height of the fuselage for easy installation. The forward and reverse rotation screw is installed on the same flat shaft to form a low-power, high-efficiency mixed environment.

Next, granulation will be used with organic fertilizer granulation machine, the granulation process is divided into dry granulation and wet granulation.

The fertilizer granulator machine also included the rotary drum granulator machine, new type organic fertilizer machine, and double roller granulator machine. Other series organic fertilizer granulator machine are to be designed for different type.