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Does fertilizer granulation machine require moisture of materials

In the production of wet organic fertilizer granulation machine, the material is required to have a certain viscosity. When some raw materials are loose after fermentation and are not easy to granulation, some water or adhesive should be added to increase the viscosity of the material. Disc granulator and drum granulator adopt the granulation method. Water or adhesive will be added during the granulation process to ensure the smooth granulation of materials. The new type of agitator granulator adopts wet granulation, the material after fermentation can be granulated directly, without the operation of other processes.

Does fertilizer granulation machine require moisture of materials
The double roller extrusion granulator is produced by the normal temperature process without drying, which is suitable for the granulation of materials with low viscosity or low water content.

If the water content of the material is too high, you can add some dry materials to neutralize the water content. If the water content is too low, appropriate amount of water can be added to facilitate granulation.

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