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An annual output of 50000 tons of cattle manure processing organic fertilizer production line

 We can produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing technology,and in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process different type fertilizer machines to be equipped in the line to make the organic fertilizer granulator.The raw materials of making the organic fertilizer granulator can be the cow manrue or other animal manure.We take the cow maure processing organic fertilizer production line as an example to show how to build a organic fertilizer production project.
At present,cattle manure processing organic fertilizer production line is divided into three levels of large,medium and small scale organic fertilizer production line complete set of equipment.The annual output of 50000 tons of cow manure organic fertilizer production line is a medium -sized organic fertilizer production line.

At present,more than 75% of the market are small scal organic fertilizer production lines with the capacity of less than 20000 tons yearly output.Some small scale family workshop organic fertilizer production lines simplify the process without permission,resulting in insufficient fermentation of organic fertilizer production stage,or unreasonable selection and ingredients of raw materials,resulting in the non-standard nutrient composition,or conflict with local soil trace elements.
This is also the main reason that the organic fertilizer equipment factory recommends the medium-sized organic fertilizer production line.Medium sized organic fertilizer production line refers to the production line with an annual output of 30000-70000 tons.
The process flow of the production line of processing organic fertilizer with an annual output of 50000 tons of cow manure is as follows:
Cow dung fermentation using the fermentation compost turning machine which fully fermented the raw materials tossed by the dumper,then using the fertilizer crusher machine to pulverizer smashing,which we can choose the chain crusher machine to crush the raw material.Next to using the screening machine to screen the powdery that we need and then put them into the automatic batching system,put them into the crusher machine to be crushed and put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.After granulating,using the dryer machine to dry the water in the granulator,there it usually is equipped with a dust remover to dedusting ,it also equipped with the cooler machine to cool the granulator temperature.If neccesary we also need to use the coating maachine to coat the granulator.Finally using the drum screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator,and put the inquality fertilizer granulator into the crusher machine to be crushed again and to be made granulator again.Using the packaging machine to pack the quality fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Supporting equipment for the production line with an annual output of 50000 tons of cow manure processing organic fertilizer:The rotary drum granulator machine is composed of the body part,the pelletizing rotor part and the transmission part,which is the most important part of the complete equipment of the series of organic fertilizer production line.In addition to pelletizing equipment other supporting equipment include stacker,crusher,dryer,screening machine,mixer machine,coating machine,packaging machine and conveyor machine and so on.
About the organic fertilizer production equipment we share these information,and about the working  principle of the organic fertilizer production line we will share in next article.We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the organic fertilizer production,we also designed the bio fertilizer production line and npk,compound fertilizer production line and so on.You can know from our website and leave a message for us about your problems about the fertilizer machines or fertilizer production building project.We will apply to you as soon as possible.