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Characteristics of fertilizer production using polishing machines in organic fertilizer equipment

The organic fertilizer granule polisher is based on the flat die extrusion granulator for processing fertilizer granules. It can make cylindrical particles into spherical particles at one time. The granulation rate is as high as 98%, and there is no return material. It can be used in organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, npk production line, etc. The organic fertilizer granule polishing machine has high productivity and strong flexibility, which avoids the shortcomings of traditional fertilizer production equipment. Therefore, it is considered as your best choice to produce spherical organic fertilizer granules in a more efficient and energy-saving way.

Organic fertilizer particle ball shaping machine features:
1. This machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reliable quality, small size and light weight.
2. The organic fertilizer polishing machine can be flexibly combined with other machines such as double roller granulator, and the number of polishing machines can be changed according to customer requirements.
3. It is composed of two or more graded polishing rollers, and the particles are polished many times in the rollers. After that, the pellets will be discharged from the discharge door. The final particle shape is uniform and highly concentrated.
4. The machine has strong machinability, which solves the disadvantages of traditional organic processing equipment in the production of fertilizer granules.
5. The polishing machine can beautify the appearance of organic fertilizer particles, greatly improving the grade and image of the product. Hence, it helps the product to enjoy more popularity in the competitive market.
6. The machine has a large excess capacity, and there is no need for material limiting equipment even if it is working at full capacity.
7. With additional function of drying materials, it has low requirements on material moisture, effectively reducing the cost of drying process. 8. The machine works under low temperature and low pressure, which does not affect the activity of organic fertilizer.
9. Widely used in the polishing of various organic fertilizer particles, the quality is guaranteed.