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The misunderstanding of the bioorganic fertilizer

 The bio-oranic fertilizer is more and more popular by the farmers,and the fertilizer granulation machine of producing the bio-organic fertilizer is also continuously updated.Today we will share more information about the bio-organic fertilizer with you.Although the bio-organic fertilizer are more popular in the market,but many uesers have many misunderstandings for the bio-organic fertilizer.
Producing the bio-oranic fertilizer we always use the fertilizer machine of the new type organic fertilizer granulator,drum screener machine and drum cooler,dryer and so on.Most of time,we usually use the complete fertilizer production line.Produce the bio-oranic fertilizer we design a new fertilizer production line---the bio-organic fertilizer production line,it is special used to produce the bio-organic fertilizer more effecient.
Next we share the information that the common misunderstandings of the bio=organic fertilizer:
1.Evaluate the quality of products by effective speed the breeding rate of microbial flora and the number of microbial flora,and there is a cycle of bacterial growth.This is the biggest difference from chemical fertilizers and plant conditioners.This shows that microbial fertilizers are less effective than chemical fertiilizers.Phenomena with plant conditioners.Slow effects does not mean that the microorganisms are ineffective.The varietes that can obviously improve the crop growth in a short period of time are not necessarily good bacterial ffertilizers or fungi,and osome varieties with plant regulators are also added.
2.The types are confusing and it is unclear whether the fungus or the fertilizer is used.Microbial fertilizer are living bacteria products that are benefical to the combination of benefical microorganisms and nutrients;bio-organic fertilizers are benefical microorganisms and harmlessly treated orgnic materials agents and bacterial fertilizer is the content of nutrient and organic materials in the products in combination with actual needs.
3.Thinking it can be used once,and it can last for many years.Some microorganisms will multiply after being applied to the soil.When the quantity reaches a certain level,it will become the dominant flora.However,with the change of external environment,such as excessive use of chemical fertilizer,use of fungicide,high temperature shack,etcit will all be benefical.The death  of bacteria,which affects the position of benefical flora requires the use of microbial fertilizers to supplement benefical bacteria during the growing season of the crop.
4.Do not pay attention to the type of bacteria,think that a strain can solve a varity of problems.When purchasing microbial fertilizers,vegetable farmers only pay attention to whether they contain bacteria,do not pay attention to the types of bacteria,lack the awareness of symptomatic bacteria and use the strains that are not symptomatic.The product effect is difficult to play and it is difficult to achieve the user's purpose.At present,the product effect is difficult to play and it is difficult to achieve the users' purpose.
5.Most of users' think the microbial fertilizer can replace fertilizer.The soil fertility is composed of three parts:biological fertility,chemical fertility and physical fertility.The use of microbial fertility,chemical fertility and physical fertility.The use of microbial fertilizer can improve the soil's biological fertility,which can indirectly promote the improvement of chemical fertility and physical fertility.The use of microbial fertilizers cannot completely replace fertilizers,but it can increase fertilizer utilization and reduce the input of some fertilizers.