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Animal manure organic fertilizer granulator -- double roller granulator

Animal manure organic fertilizer granulator -- double roller granulator
The double roller granulator adopts dry rolling technology, which compresses the powdery material with water content of 15% into flakes or blocks, and then through crushing and screening process, the flake and block materials become granular materials meeting the requirements of use. Dry rolling granulation mainly relies on external pressure, so that the material is forced to pass through the gap between two relative rotating rollers and be forced to compress into pieces. In the process of rolling, the actual density of materials can be increased by 1.5 ~ 3 times, so as to meet the requirements of certain particle strength.
Animal manure organic fertilizer granulator

Granulation steps of double roller granulator:

1. The powder was extruded into compact plate by roller press.

2. The dense plate is crushed and granulated by fertilizer granulation machine.

3. Screen out the finished product particles with the screen machine.

The characteristics of granular organic fertilizer are as follows
The significance of strength processing of powder products is mainly reflected in three aspects

1. Reduce dust pollution and improve working conditions.

2. Meet the requirements of production process, such as increasing porosity and specific surface area, improving heat transfer, etc.

3. Improve the physical properties (such as fluidity, permeability, bulk density) of products, avoid segregation, pulsation, caking, bridging and other adverse effects in the subsequent operation process (drying, screening, metering) and use process (metering, batching, etc.), reduce pollution, improve appearance, improve liquidity, facilitate storage and transportation, control solubility, control porosity and specific surface area, etc It has created conditions for improving the automation of production and use process and closed operation.