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Advantages of solid and durable double roller granulator

The main transmission parts of the double roller granulator are made of high-quality alloy materials. Made of stainless steel and other surface alloys, the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance of the machine are greatly improved, so that the machine has a long service life.

Working principle of double roller granulator:
The double roller granulator belongs to extrusion sliding model. Its working principle is that the belt and pulley are driven by the motor, which are transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer, and are synchronized with the passive shaft through the split gear. The material is added from the feed hopper, extruded by roller, demoulded and pelletized, and then transported to the crushing screen working room through the auxiliary chain, screened and separated the finished particles (balls), and then the returned materials are mixed with the new materials, and then pelletized.

The double roller granulator is produced by the normal temperature process without drying, with the output of 1-4 tons / hour in four specifications. The fertilizer granulation machine can produce various concentrations and types of compound fertilizer (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetized fertilizer, etc.). The equipment has good economic benefits. The complete set of equipment has compact layout, scientific and reasonable, energy saving, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.