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Advantages of new two in one organic fertilizer granulator in production line

At present, the organic fertilizer granulator is widely used in the market, such as disc granulator, organic fertilizer agitator granulator (wet granulation), new two in one organic fertilizer granulator, and extrusion granulator. The main function is to make our organic materials into granules. Compared with the different materials we use and the different requirements for fertilizer, the organic fertilizer granulator we choose is also different. Disc granulator is the earliest organic fertilizer granulator. The material must have 50-60% moisture before it can be made into granules. Compared with later drying, we will consume a lot.
organic fertilizer granulation machine
The new two in one organic fertilizer granulator (wet granulation) uses the mechanical principle and the stirring teeth to force the granulation of materials. The moisture content of materials in this equipment is about 30%. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥90%. The particle diameter can be appropriately adjusted by the mixing amount of the material and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the speed The higher the particle size, the smaller the particle size and vice versa.

Production line process of new two in one organic fertilizer granulator
Organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, domestic garbage, dead branches, rotten leaves, biogas residues, waste bacteria, etc.) are fermented into a semi-wet material pulverizer for pulverization, and then elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, phosphorus pentoxide, etc.) are added. Potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) to make the contained mineral elements reach the required standard, then a mixer is used to stir, and then enter the new organic fertilizer granulation machine to granulate, after it is dried, it is sieved by a sieving machine, and qualified products are packaged , The unqualified return to the granulator for granulation.