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The advantage of making fertilizer granular

The size of the solid particles has a large influence on their physical properties, and the following advantages are obtained by making the fertilizer into pellets in agricultural production.
1.Improving fertilization effeciency.Modern agriculture is characterized by large-scale agriculture.As a pillar supporting modern agriculture,in addition to agriculture,in addition to agricultural machinery and improved seeds,irrigation equipment,fertilizers also play a very important role.In particular,the key to maximizing crop yields is whether fertilizer can be applied on time and according to crop growth and nutrient requirements,providing necessary nutrients for crops and promoting the growth and development of crops.The way fertilizers are applied can be divided into artificial spreading and mechanical spreading.Artifical spreading and mechanical spreading.Artifical spreading is to spread the fertilizer on the cultivated land  by hand.The shape of the fertilizer is powder or granular. There is not much difference in fertilization efficiency. Mechanical spreading is to spread the fertilizer to the cultivated land at a high speed by power. The small-sized powdered fertilizer spreads a short distance, and dust is scattered in the spreading.
Usually,producing the fertilizer granular machine haave the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator,new type organic fertilizer machine and so on.Always,using the disc fertilizer and rotary drum granulator to make the granular.Besides,supply complete fertilizer production line can help you save many labor cost.Using the fertilizer equipment is the necessary trend to realize the requirement of the farming  development.Complete fertilizer production line can improve the effectient of the fertilizer production.